I heard on the news tonight that Britannica has published its last print version of the Encyclopedia. For years I’d been wondering when this would happen; it was inevitable, and incomprehensibly sad. What a blow, becoming obsolete. Even the public library won’t take any more encyclopedias. And if they—in all their charitable, biblio-friendly spiritedness—won’t take you, well, then where do you go? To Goodwill, I guess. Sure, it’s a great company and service and all, but a thoroughly unfitting repository for something as generous and iconic as the encyclopedia. Thinking of them as if they were strays in my local animal shelter—homeless and in search of a loving caregiver—I wish I could take them all home with me. Ha, this analogy cracks me up actually; my favorite “encyclopedia memory” is of sitting on the floor of my childhood bedroom learning every single breed of dog from that two-page color spread I can still visualize today. No web page can touch that.