Mary Pols isn’t taking her kid to see The Hunger Games and I’m right there with her ( Never mind that my boys are all sixteen or older and that I can’t reasonably legislate their attendance at a PG-13 movie. But I would want to ask them this: Guys, of all the ways you could spend your time, why would you want to do it watching children kill children? 

 Putting aside the debate over just how costly a steady diet of violent, gory movies and video games is to our kids’ sensibilities, shouldn’t we simply be offended that the tormenting and extermination of human beings by proxy has become a modern form of recreation? Don’t we already have too much of this stuff in real life? 

 I don’t know how can we talk about solving our nation’s bullying problem without considering the complacency surrounding human anguish we might inadvertently have allowed to be sown in our young people.

 Please tell me I’m not alone with these worries.