One hour talk for parents of teenagers discussing:

  • Why teenagers are so anxious and how we can help them
  • Whether the conventional benchmarks for success are helping us guide our teens, or need updating
  • The challenges of expressing compassion for your teen while also holding her accountable for her choices
  • Dealing with loss of control or loss of connection in your relationship with your teenager
  • Engendering respectful treatment from your teen
  • Remaining credible and relevant to your kids as they become young adults.

The Washington Post. Leading with trust: Why we let our teens have some phone freedom…..

Interview with Cathy Lewis Hearsay, WHVR

 Boys Will Be Boys

The phrase – and the attitude – that “boys will be boys” excuses some terrible behavior. But how do we raise good men and also recognize gender differences in America today? We’ll talk to a psychologist, an educator and a political expert about this issue.



Lack of sportsmanship by adults at kids’ games sets a horrible example

Written by Scott Jennings | USA Today

I went to a White Sox vs. Orioles baseball game recently and left appalled by the lack of sportsmanship. The players acted appropriately, but a team manager exhibited shocking behavior.

In the second inning, the Orioles’ manager jumped from his dugout to berate the umpires, convincing them to throw a White Sox player out of the game. The player in question was good — it was a definite advantage to have him tossed — but he probably wasn’t ready for that kind of major league treatment.

He is, after all, just 9 years old. READ FULL ARTICLE

Using Your Humanity When Doing Therapy with Teens

Interview with Juliet Austin
Businesses in Bloom

Click here to listen to an interview addressing the need to offer teenagers a more sensitive, authentic and user-friendly service than they typically find.

Using Your Humanity When Doing Therapy with Teens


Bullying and the boy who doesn’t like sports

Bolstering the self-esteem of a kid who hates sports


Kids & Stress

Thank you to Great Valley School District for hosting “Kids & Stress” with Janet Edgette, PsyD. We gathered to talk about the stress being seen in young children and adolescents, and discussed ways that families and educators can foster resiliency and guide young people toward healthy  ways to cope with stress, rather than experimenting with substances, or engaging in other risk-taking behaviors.


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