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I work with clients in person or via telephone, FaceTime, and Skype.

Sometimes a problem isn’t serious enough to need therapy, or maybe you’re not sure whether or not professional help is warranted. I offer pay-as-you-go consultation sessions during which you can discuss your concerns and I can give some input and make recommendations.

I don’t need a lot of history. I won’t ask for a bunch of details for the sake of “gathering information.” I can figure out a lot from just a little and my expertise goes way beyond run of the mill advice. In addition, I work quickly so that in your first as much as in your last session, the consultation ends with you having a plan or a new idea or the words to start an important conversation or a different perspective or maybe some validation for what you’ve been doing.

Here are good reasons to contact me:

  • Your son or daughter acts disrespectfully around the house and you don’t know how to control, manage or stop it.
  • Your teen is so moody around the house that it is affecting the entire household. You want to know if this is just “typical teen behavior” or a sign or something more problematic.
  • You want to know if your kid’s depression, anxiety, poor school performance, or ADD is bad enough to seek professional help.
  • You want to know how to talk to your kids about your upcoming separation or divorce or need to move to another residence or school district.
  • You want help in talking with your son or daughter about drugs or sex.
  • Your kid is being bullied for being nonathletic / nerdy / overweight / quiet and you want to know what to do, how to help, and whether you should do anything at all.
  • You are struggling with your kids who prefer your ex’s house because there are no rules there and your ex has weaponized his or her popularity with them.
  • Your teen doesn’t talk with you about much of anything, and you are feeling totally in the dark about what is going on in his or her life.
  • You need help managing your son or daughter’s aggressive behavior around the home.
  • You need some help establishing limits and following through with consequences, or even perhaps coming up with reasonable consequences that actually incentivize a better choice.
  • You are unhappy with the climate at home (yelling, sarcasm, excessive sibling rivalry) and want to do something about it.
  • You want to constructively address your child or teenager’s insensitivity to the impact of his or her choices on others.
  • You are a single parent feeling bullied or intimidated by an older teen.

Don’t live anywhere near Philadelphia?



  • Choose 15, 30, or 45 minute appointments. Follow up, check-ins, and crisis management available by text.
  • Contact me to set up your first appointment: Phone (610) 363-1144

I do sessions and consultations via Skype, FaceTime and telephone anywhere in the world.

Sessions via telephone, FaceTime, or Skype are payable in advance of the appointment time either by check or PayPal. Please see portal below.


30 minutes $130
45 minutes $185
60 minutes $245
90 minutes $400

Daytime, afternoon, and evening appointments are available.

Longer sessions are available for individuals and families that travel from a distance or prefer a more in-depth or accelerated counseling experience. These two and a half hour appointments are scheduled on weekdays before 3 pm for a fee of $700.

I am committed to helping parents raise children whom they enjoy being around.

Janet Sasson Edgette

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