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Revamping conversations within communities that raise, support, and teach children, teenagers, and young adults.

Rehabilitating conversations between adults and teenagers. Rebalancing the twin parenting tasks of demonstrating support and compassion for one’s teenagers while also holding them accountable for their choices. Rekindling respect, trust, and affection between adults and the kids they are raising, teaching, coaching, and supporting.

Let’s discuss how I can bring three decades of experience helping adults to better connect with children and teenagers to your school, university, place of business, community center, synagogue, or church.

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Formats for presentations — in person or virtual — can include guest lectures, Q&A sessions, workshops, small group discussions, keynote speeches, or a combination of the above.

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Child & Adolescent Psychologist

For Community, Professionals & Parents

Parents with headstrong, moody, angry, or manipulative teenagers often have difficulty managing the extreme emotional reactions they get from them when they try to hold them accountable for their behavior. These teens like to “punish” their parents for their firm parenting by becoming angrier, moodier, or giving them the silent treatment. Parents then often begin a pattern of avoiding conflict by backing off their expectations, which is followed by an even greater lapse in responsibility on the part of the teenager.

Boys who don’t adhere to standard masculine ideals (big, tough, sporty) often find themselves marginalized by peers and targeted by bullies. This talk addresses how parents, educators, coaches, and other youth mentors can help these boys manage the teasing, learn to value their own skills and attributes and discover settings where they’ll be appreciated for who they are.

Click to hear a one hour talk for parents of teenagers discussing:

  • why teenagers are so anxious and how we can help them
  • whether the conventional benchmarks for success are helping us guide our teens, or need updating
  • the challenges of expressing compassion for your teen while also holding her accountable for her choices
  • dealing with loss of control or loss of connection in your relationship with your teenager
  • engendering respectful treatment from your teen
  • remaining credible and relevant to your kids as they become young adults


This talk was originally given to a congregation of parents at All Souls Church, NYC

The changes over the past couple of decades have not made it any easier for parents to raise their kids than it has for their kids to grow up. The face of modern adolescence has brought a markedly new set of challenges to parents. Let’s talk about these challenges and the kinds of approaches to raising kids that are needed to more effectively parent today’s youth.

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Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Our youth are stronger and more charitable than we think.

And if they are like the youth I meet, they need conversation and connection to bring out their superpower.

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