Training & Workshops IN Adolescent and Family Therapy for Mental Health Professionals

Work with intention. Speak mindfully. Demonstrate the authenticity you’re trying to evoke


The teenagers who show up in our offices today are different from the ones we worked with a decade ago.

Many are self-referred, having asked for therapy themselves. They’ve cut their teeth on TikTok’s mental health feeds, and come in self-diagnosed. 

Comfortable having conversations about their own mental health, these teens speak frankly about their battles with depression, anxiety, panic, disillusionment, weed and alcohol, and loneliness, among other complaints. 

They speak about their eco-anxiety, a newly coined term referring to one’s chronic fear about our planet’s declining health and whether they and their children will survive it.

They are digital natives and can’t imagine a world without electronics.

What does this mean for how we practice therapy with our teenage clients?

One place for us to start is with a relationship and conversations that matter enough to hold a young person’s attention and make them want to come back for more.

Once they’re in our offices, we can offer them opportunities to join us in robust and unpretentious therapeutic relationships that encourage:

We can show them how they can have worthwhile and fulfilling adulthoods and spark the resilience they’ll need to build lives with breadth, color, and an appreciation for that which brings us awe. Getting their eyes on that prize can help them push through the haze through which they are trying to find relief for their psychological distress, authentic connection with others, and real meaning in their lives.

It’s time to offer our young clients antidotes to their loneliness, disillusionment, complacency, and untethering.

A new way to help youth, developed for therapists

My training and workshops teach an approach to conducting therapy with teenagers that focuses on providing tailored, non-prescriptive services that our young clients will find relevant, want to engage in, and experience as helpful.

Child & Adolescent Psychologist

We can be the agents of change in the lives of these kids and help others — parents, grandparents, educators, mentors, coaches — to join us and help support their growth.

We can show them how they can have worthwhile and fulfilling adulthoods and spark the resilience they’ll need to build lives with breadth, color, and an appreciation for that which brings us awe. Getting their eyes on that prize can help them push through the haze through which they are trying to find relief for their psychological distress, authentic connection with others, and real meaning in their lives.

Training and Support





Private and small group case consultation  & clinical supervision

Case studies where trainees are invited to bring their more difficult cases in for discussion and consultation. Interactive role-playing and session improv in order to help trainees develop skills for communicating and relating with adolescents.

Case Consultation and Clinical Supervision (Zoom or in person)

“A refreshing take on a necessary skillset, in that Dr. Edgette provided some different perspectives that I have not encountered in other trainings.”

“Oh my goodness I can’t thank you enough. This training was absolutely perfect. Bringing critical thinking to a topic that is hard to discuss …”

“Janet provides excellent training that has a real-world impact for my practice. I cannot stress enough how helpful her trainings are.”

Workshops - Conferences – Keynote Talks

Direct training (live or recorded) on how to work therapeutically with teens (and their parents) based on my own specific model. Now available as half-day or full-day presentations and can be for small and large groups.

The social, emotional, and psychological lives of teenagers have been irrevocably changed by the sociocultural and technological advances of the past two decades. Screens, sadly, have become the lifeblood of these kids, muting their capacities for curiosity, empathy, and a nuanced, contemplative inner life. Pressures to study harder, train more fiercely, and add more extracurriculars so they can be sure to get into a “good school” add other layers of anxiety to an already anxiety-addled life. This workshop is all about helping therapists bring forward conversations in therapy that are compelling enough to get the attention of these overwhelmed kids and help them see what could be for them a much richer world and a much richer self.

Adolescent clients who don’t want therapy have no bones about showing it. With this message being heard, therapists are left to solve the following conundrum: how do you provide services to teenagers who don’t think they need them? This workshop is about working more effectively and comfortably with teenagers and children in a room with you only because someone told them they had to be.

This practical workshop teaches how to work with teenagers who are quick to defend themselves and who often deflect attention away from their problems by intense displays of emotion. Learn how to avoid the traps of becoming too careful or self-conscious with angry, volatile teenagers or, alternatively, of trying too hard to make the therapy work.

Kids don’t miss what they never had or never felt. So, no wonder their eyes glaze over when we start yakking about the good old days before electronics took over. This workshop teaches therapists how to get the attention of teens and engage them in conversations that matter, that is, those that directly address the sources of their anxiety, disillusionment, and apathy and offer ways out that teens will find credible.

If kids today seem more self-absorbed, entitled, or dismissive of adult authority than they used to be, it might be because social and cultural pressures have made it very difficult to truly parent our children. Come explore what therapists and parents can do to connect meaningfully with kids and earn their trust while regaining adult authority. You’ll hone your ability to mediate between warring parents and their children and empower parents to take back their proper roles without having to resort to authoritarian styles and power plays.

Adolescent therapy is a fertile soil for power battles between therapists and their young clients, and many different factors contribute to this. They range from the dynamic of You can’t make me, in cases where therapy is foisted upon an unwilling teen, to the sensitive nature of therapy itself that can make teens feel too vulnerable and act defensively. Therapists often struggle to finesse the fine line between supporting their teen clients and holding them accountable for their choices. This workshop describes several ways for therapists to avoid the power struggles engendered by these dynamics and keep the therapy moving forward.

This half-day workshop focuses on brief, intensive adolescent therapy where most or all of the sessions are conducted with the adolescent and his or her parent(s) together. The emphasis is on teaching how therapists can move freely and credibly among the different parties, alternately joining, challenging, defending, and confronting – all within the same session. Problems to be addressed include chronic conflict, disrespect, school failure/apathy, parent inflexibility, and problems with accountability.

Speak mindfully
Work with intention
Demonstrate the authenticity you’re trying to evoke

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“Useful insights’ is not the right term for what I gained:  sea-change would be more like it! I have come to thoroughly enjoy working with these challenging kids and can’t get over my astonishment that gaining a youngster’s respect almost inevitably leads to a real relationship…”

“Edgette’s honesty with her professional experiences will keep you reading more and then more. She’s not lecturing. She’s sharing. She’s reminding us that we can engage with teens without the pings, rings, dings, and all things tech and instead choose face-to-face conversations with truths and vulnerabilities.” 

“Janet is one of my favorite presenters! Her trainings are extremely applicable to practice, and her utilization of specific case examples was very helpful. I love seeing the concepts as they apply directly to clients during sessions.”